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Year in review 2017

Another year passed, lots of memories created, made few friends, got hurt, made mistakes (and blunders) , learnt and … so much more. A whole year feels nothing if you do not retrospect but if you sit back and reflect there is so much there … really! So now I present my journey 2017.



  • Visited Meghalaya with my best buddies. These guys and this place, what can I say more.
  • Soon after that followed our trip to Ho Chi Mihn City. You won’t believe it, I visited this city and came back without even tasting a non-vegetarian delicacy. That is what happens when you are surrounded by vegetarian friends.
  • In mid of the year, explored the scenic beauty of Bali.
  • Went on a cruise with AdNovum family.
  • And a short one to St.John’s island.
  • Celebrated the last bachelorhood days of Harshul in Thailand (also known as bachelor party). Just to mention, PhiPhi island has one of the best beaches I have seen till now.



    • And of course, multiple visits to Lucknow.</ul>


    • Hurt my back in mid year, which took ~2 months for me to get back to normal.
    • Fractured my left shoulder while playing bubble soccer. I still wish some days that I would not have played that last match :/
    • And this fracture forced me to miss Sandy’s wedding. That last bloody bubble soccer bump I had :/
    • And also missed to show around SG to Kasat and Meenal when they were around. Bubble soccer … grrrhhhh !
    • My health deteriorated as I could not exercise because of my injuries and also because of my procrastination and excuses.
    • Alok met with an accident and severely hurt his index finger. I was really really sad about it.
    • My friends in SG had conflicts and our group fell apart. Its really sad when you close fellas stop talking to each other. Kids !!
    • Like everyone else, I also make mistakes all the time. But in the later part of 2017 I made a blunder. I broke trust of one of my friend. I thought I was helping but didn’t think through. May be I have been forgiven by my friend. May be someday I will also forgive myself.


    • Anuj won the Best Sales Newcomer at India level. #ProudBrother
    • Got promoted in AdNovum. It is not about the title, but the appreciation one gets. Such a boost to confidence 🙂
    • On my birthday, I received an email and gift (Skype credits) from Kyi (my old AdNovum colleague) . It was such a pleasant surprise and such a nice gesture. Made my day.<div id='gallery-8' class='gallery galleryid-412 gallery-columns-1 gallery-size-large'>


    • Celebrated new year with family.
    • My Pixel got replaced and got a new one. What a relief !
    • Made some money in the Crypto wave 😉

    • The only good thing that the broken shoulder brought me, was an opportunity to work from Lucknow for 3 months.


    I preferred to keep this section towards the end because this reflects my strength, this reflects me !

    • I am quite a social and friendly person (shameless plug), but I make very few friends. In 2017, I made one.
    • Kasat byaah gaya
    • And so did Sandy
    • Best buddies planned a trip to SG. I was so very happy that they did finally come to SG.
    • Remember I fractured my shoulder, but then I had the most loving and supporting guys around me –
      • Endless supporting guys
      • Kasi proxied me at work. He came to my home everyday to work with me from home.
      • The surprise patient visit (was such a pleasant one) –

    Toh phir …

    2017 was a bit high on Flops but then no tension boss when one is surrounded with such friends and family. There was no less love and compassion, not even a bit. All I can say is – it brings a smile to my face when I look back at you 2017.

    Toh phir …
    … acha hi tha pura saal,
    kuch haan bhi the kuch na bhi the,
    kuch jeet bhi thi kuch haar bhi thi,
    kuch aasha bhi thi kuch niraasha bhi thi,
    kuch dosti bhi thi kuch yaari bhi thi,
    kuch galtiyan bhi thi kuch seekhe bhi thi,
    tha … yaadgaar hi tha pura saal.